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So many mobile fantasy trade card games are victims of mediocre graphics, banal themes and storylines and interrupted or glitch game play making them greatly unattractive to most users. The games are usually uninstalled after a brief trial. With Hellfire, you won’t have that same experience. It will have your attention from the moment you engage with its high quality environment and beautifully illustrated cards which are the focal point of the game. Instead of simply annoying you and baiting your for further spends, you’ll be amused and entertained by this great Mobage product which is free to install and play. You can, of course, buy additional coins to extend play and access features but it is not required and you will be capable of enjoyable play without spending a great deal.

The game begins with the player in possession of a few complimentary cards with the potential to increase the amount by moving through the 25 ethereal environments. All of these individual worlds are further subdivided into continents and players will make their way through each to continue advancing in the game. Players must travel through up to 600 chapters to make it through a continent and can revisit each chapter at any time once it has been successfully completed. You will compete to defeat characters through each of the chapters, gathering their cards as you do to build your collection.

Get your deck together to determine your strategy and to maximize your life span by capitalizing on the greatest degree of health. The cards will make those decisions with 9 remaining active. By playing your first three cards, you’ll make your first move and choose the opponents you wish to initially take on. Strengths and vulnerabilities are ascribed through the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Death and cards will display a representative number indicating when they will counter attack. When the orb appears over you cards, you can then hurl it at your first target.

Each time you win a battle against a combatant, you will collect their card to add to your repertoire, with a potential maximum of 100 cards. Each card has four stages of evolution, achieved by fusing identical cards, through which players can move and each are rendered imaginatively to create beautiful cards. You can also acquire crystals as a spoil of your battles and these can be used to gain more new cards at a number of levels of rarity. The cards you are willing to sacrifice will determine how quickly you level up.

As you play, you will expend your health level which must be replenished over time. As you increase in your levels, you will be awarded higher levels of energy in order to continue playing through levels that require greater experience. Use other players as allies to assist you as they appear throughout your battle.

Take advantage of additional features that occur throughout the course of the game for added excitement such as raid boss events or dungeons and in these arenas, you will be able to earn boosting power ups or rare cards.

On the whole, this is likely one of the most vividly splendid games available in the TCG world and you can easily enjoy hours of play without spending a great deal if that is your choice. Come back to learn more about characters, tips and evolutions and really become a master!

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