Day Z Reaches Beta

Written by  on May 9, 2014 

Interactive Bohemia Entertainment, the company behind the now famed video game “DayZ” announced this week that DayZ has entered its beta form. Originally the game was designed as a mod to the Arma Video Game Series. Hundreds and thousands of people downloaded this mod and eventually the creator opened us his own video game studio. This resulted in Interactive Bohemia Entertainment being created and entering the Alpha version of DayZ.

Interactive Bohemia Entertainment

The video game studio sold the game in its Alpha version, resulting in a lot of bugs while you’re playing this game but none the less a total of five million people have purchased this video game for $25. The game has now entered its beta form but won’t go on sale as IBE wants to release the final version of DayZ in its perfect form.

There have been multiple rumors that Interactive Bohemia Entertainment is using the Arma 3 software for their new version of DayZ. This is something everyone wants as currently the game runs on the Arma 2 software, making the game appear look like it’s from the last generation. Making the final version of DayZ with the Arma 3 software will mean betting lighting fixtures, game textures, sound quality, graphics and speed in the game. Essentially the game would look like real life compared to its previous Alpha model.

Interactive Bohemia Entertainment has yet to announce a release date for the final version of DayZ. We suspect that the game won’t be released till the last quarter of 2015.

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