New Unreal Tournament Announced

Written by  on May 9, 2014 

Epic Games, announced today that their releasing a new Unreal Tournament for the PC, Mac and Linux based computers. The game will be completely free and will rely on the community to create new content for it. Essentially this means that this game works as a tool for future video game developers, giving them the opportunity to experience what it would be like to create video games without having to go to school for it.

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Unreal Tournament 4 will mark a major milestone for the video game industry. It was the unreal engine that first allowed for video games to resemble real life and with each passing installment in the Unreal Engine the industry gets to grow to new lengths.

Epic Games made a statement on their website regarding the new Unreal Tournament, stating: “We are honored to announce that the fourth installment in the Unreal Tournament franchise will be released this summer. Unlike the other previous three installments in the franchise we’ve created this version as a tool for all video game players. Just like Minecraft you will be able to enter this game and create new content for everyone to enjoy. You could essentially create a video game from scratch and post it on the Unreal Tournament database for everyone to enjoy. We hope that with the help of kickstarter we will be able to bring multiple new games to light.”

You will have to wait till the end of August to play Unreal Tournament 4.

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