New Hitman Won’t Appear At E3

Written by  on May 30, 2014 

Hitman, one of the longest surviving video game franchises in the industry won’t be appearing at E3 2014. Square Enix, the developers behind the last Hitman installment and this future Hitman installment made an announcement regarding this new Hitman title.

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Square Enix Spokesman Jake Fleming made this announcement saying, “We are currently working on the seventh installment in the Hitman franchise. We knew that players wanted more of Agent 47 and we wanted to deliver those experiences players love again. Unfortunately we won’t be showcasing the new Hitman installment as we believe it’s not even close to being ready to launch and we believe that making players wait two years for this game won’t be a good thing. Instead we will reveal the seventh installment of the Hitman franchise at E3 2015, during which we will showcase storyline gameplay and multiplayer gameplay in one conference.”

Hitman fans realize that in order to play an incredible game you must take the time to develop those games, even if it means delaying the game or releasing it at a later point in time. Hitman Absolution, the last installment in the franchise was in development for four years. The end result was one of the best Hitman experiences ever seen. Currently you can play Hitman Absolution for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Personal Computer. You feel as if you are truly an assassin Hitman running around the world trying to find your next target, it makes for a compelling and exciting experience.

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