Steam Machine Delayed To 2015

Written by  on May 30, 2014 

Shocking information hit the video game industry like a storm today when Valve, the company that created Steam, one of the largest video game downloadable services online, announced that their Steam Machine will be delayed until 2015.

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The reason as to why the Steam Machine is being postponed until 2015 is because Valve needs to make sure that the operating system for the device is simple yet beautiful at the same time, Valve also needed to ensure themselves that they had multiple games available for players to download at launch. Unfortunately Valve has had some issues getting quality games onto their system as developers have contracts with Sony Entertainment and Microsoft, these contracts stop developers from releasing their games on any console other then the Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

If the Steam Machine is delayed until 2015 that means that Valve will have the extra time needed in order to put better internals within the system, create a more fluent operating system and get a mass amount of games ready for their console on launch date.

Valve made the following statement, “We aren’t happy about making this announcement but we are having to postpone the Steam Machine until 2015. We have had issues with developers and publishing companies which means we haven’t been able to get the games we want onto our console. Every blockbuster game that is released in 2015 will be available for the Steam Machine, meaning on launch date will have an array of games for players to choose from.”

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