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Written by  on June 24, 2014 

The Largest Video Game Collection has been sold through eBay earlier on this week. Michael Thomasson, the man who collected over eleven thousand video games put his collection on eBay for everyone to enjoy. He started the bid at $300,000 as that is his total investment on his collection and then it was later sold for $750,250 which is a massive profit for any collector.

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In total there were 11,607 Video Games in Mr. Thomasson’s collection and when he sold his collection for $750,250 he was thrilled as this meant the buyer paid a total of $68 per video game. This is a massive profit as most of the video game in his collection are worth three to five dollars at best.

Mr. Thomasson said the following, “It has been extremely hard for me to depart with my collection. It stopped being about the video games and more about the point about ten years ago. I don’t even play any video games anymore but only purchased them to better my collection, though my children would play the new games. Unfortunately I have another child on the way and will need a bigger home for my wife and I. This is why I have sold the collection and I am thrilled that I got $350,000 more than I asked for.”

There were over fifty people biding on the collection for a two day period of time. During these two days, the amount went from $300,000 to $750,000. That is when the final bidder added $250 to the bid and won.

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