As Above, So Below To Resemble Hell Under Paris

Written by  on September 8, 2014 

There is a fictional horror film being released to the general public in the upcoming months. As Above, So Below is a new horror film set in the catacombs of Paris. A group of scholars set off into the catacombs after they heard a number of rumors describing an ancient alchemical artifact that could turn any base metal into gold in a matter of seconds. The result is that the expedition takes a sinister and surprising turn. These scholars are sent down into the catacombs of Paris where they experience horrors from their past and also potentially enter the gates of hell.


Filmed in a lost footage essence you can expect very scary moments to occur while you are in the film as everything is filmed in first person. This movie isn’t based on pure myth those as well know alchemists such as Nicholas Flamel lived in Old Paris and Paris is considered to be home to ancient alchemical adventures from the past.

John Dowdle one of the directors of the film said the following, “Drew and I had for years talked about, wouldn’t it be cool to do a female Indiana Jones movie that is in found footage, to do that kind of epic movie from a really intimate angle? We had also been really interested in the catacombs but had never really put the two together. We had a movie we were about to go make called “The Coup” that fell apart — thankfully we got to rebuild it and make it — we were like, “What are we going to do?” We got a call from [Legendary chief] Thomas Tull and he was like, “I’d love to do something in the Paris catacombs. Do you have any ideas?” A lightning bolt went off. We were like, that would be perfect for Scarlett Marlowe and we could put those two together and it all just fell into place.”

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