Hell’s Kitchen

Written by  on October 31, 2014 

Hell’s Kitchen, a show hosted by Gordon Ramsay. A.K.A. One of the best cooks known around the world and this show after thirteen seasons of being on air continues to thrive in popularity. Many people believe that it is because of how Gordon Ramsay acts on the show but it is far from the opposite.


Gordon Ramsay is a caring man who puts on his mask in order to gain more views, he actually helps hold these chefs into world class cooks who can become more powerful than Ramsay himself. He also connects with these people on a emotional level as he brings in people he can connect with through his past, allowing for him to find passion in what he does.

Many of the chefs who appeared on the early seasons of Hell’s Kitchen now own their own restaurants in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Their lives were able to become that of wealth due to the immense care and teachings that Gordon Ramsay offers to his students. You can be ensured that as long as this show continues to remain on air new world class chefs will be created with each passing season. Even those who don’t win the show are still highly sought out by other restaurants located around the globe.

It wasn’t until the third season of Hell’s Kitchen that this show really picked up in popularity. Ten seasons later and it continues to grow in popularity due to its now branded host and branded name.

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