Hell on Wheels Renewed

Written by  on November 12, 2014 

Hell on Wheels, an hour long television show created by AMC and designed as an Alberta-Shot Western will be getting one more season for fans to enjoy. The fifth and final season will be airing in the summer of 2016, meaning fans still have two more seasons to enjoy before this show says its final farewell.

hell on wheels

Seven new episodes are airing next summer and another seven will be airing in the summer of 2016. The reason for the low episode count is because each episode runs at sixty minutes without any interruptions from commercials. Hell on Wheels first began airing back in 2011, it is based on the first transcontinental railroad system which was built in 1869. These were the years of the Golden Spike which resulted in men earning lots of riches through gold. Though through finding that gold meant that someone wanted to steal it or hurt you for your money. This show proved to become popular and has a diehard fan base that wished each season would have more episodes.

There is two more seasons left for Hell on Wheels. During those two seasons if rating reach a major increase it’ll more than likely result in a sixth season being developed by AMC. This is why fans of the show have been desperately urging other people to watch this television program.

We shall keep you informed on if anything changes regarding how many episodes the final season gets or if another season will be made in the future.

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