Hell’s Kitchen

Written by  on December 31, 2014 

Reality shows have been popular for the last decade or so, one of the shows that has been able to remain as one of the kings in reality television is Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey has been able to become a house hold name due to this show and owns a series of restaurants due to the fortune he has accumulated from this show. After thirteen seasons of being on air there was no guarantee that he would be returning for a fourteenth season. Luckily for Mr. Ramsey he will be returning as the head chef in Hell’s Kitchen for a fourteenth season.


There is no word as of right now if Andi Van Willigan or James Avery will be returning as the sous chefs for the 14th season. After being on the show for a number of seasons it is almost written in stone that they will returning once again to help Gordon Ramsey ship out these new recruits into shape. All of those who enter the Hell’s Kitchen competition already have plenty of experience in the culinary arts but having on your resume that you won “Hell’s Kitchen” and using Gordon Ramsey as a reference essentially means there are no limits as to what these chef’s could become and do. It is for that reason alone that this show continues to remain on air to this day.

The thirteenth season is finishing tonight on December 20th, 2014 but you can be ensured that sometime in early September of 2015 we will be seeing the 14th season in the series. We will keep you updated on if anything changes between now and then.

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