Casino Midas

Written by  on January 27, 2015 

Casino Midas is an online casino that operated within the United Kingdom but unfortunately early on this week, it was revealed that the casino is closing their doors for good. This is due to the new licensing charges that have been placed towards online casinos operating in the UK. These licensing charges are far to experience and will result in these online casinos barely turning a profit. These new laws have placed an adversity towards a number of online casinos that have been forced to shut down. In result there has been plenty of people who have lost their jobs in the industry.

Casino Midas

This online casino is licensed out of Curacao but they offer their casino only in the U.K, they previously operated in a number of different markets but have pulled out of every single one. Those who played at this casino had to stop making wagers on January 12th, 2015 and now the casino has officially shut down. No longer can you access this domain name which is a shame as Casino Midas provided hundreds to thousands of punters in the U.K with an incredible gambling experience.

Casino Midas openly said that if they were to pay these new licensing charges on top of their taxes as well as paying their employee’s, the profit that would be made wouldn’t be worth operating the casino. This has been the result with the majority of online casinos that operated within the United Kingdom. We shall inform you if Casino Midas decides to return to the U.K in the future.

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