Three Hells Angels Bikers Almost Kill Canadian Man

Written by  on June 30, 2015 

Three Hells Angels Bikers have been charged with second degree murder as these three men beat a young man to the point that he is now clinging to life in Greece. These hells angels’ men who were on vacation apparently were severely drunk & we’re looking for trouble, purposely trying to make this young man fight when he would not.

Hells Angels

A local convenience store was able to catch the footage of this beating which has allowed for Vancouver Police to arrest these men for second degree murder. The sister of the man who was beaten has not released her name due to the global influence of the Hells Angels Biker “Club”. This attack has come only a month after her father passed away on May 24th. She returned from her job up north in Greece & stayed within the village in order to console her mother. This beating has caused her to stay longer at the village & lose her position at her job. This woman has openly said that she will be doing everything in her power as well as the Greek Government in order to ensure that these three bikers don’t have the ability to travel outside of Canada again & that they spend a long time in a Canadian prison. The Greek Government has also stated that they will be working alongside the Canadian Government to ensure justice of this young man.

We shall keep you up to date as to what happens with these three Canadian Hells Angels bikers. It’s suspected that they’ll spend fifteen to twenty years in a Vancouver Canadian Prison.

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