Neon Reels shown off by iSoftBet

Written by  on July 29, 2015 

iSoftBet is one of the more unique software developers in the online gambling market, they strive to provide a more intuitive and exciting experience within their platform. This is the reason as to why so many online & mobile casinos choose to license out their platform. iSoftBet has just impressed gamblers again with the announcement of their latest upcoming slot “Neon Reels”.

neon reels

This game is slated to be released early in August. A new visual 3D element never before seen in a casino game is being introduced within this slot as well. The reels will essentially look as if their popping of out the monitor, all visuals are crisp and details. Thanks to the neon colors this slot comes off as being vivid, bright and exciting as well. Players all around the globe who’ve witnessed the preview for this game on the iSoftBet YouTube channel have begun to express how thrilled they are to play this game and that it has the chance to revolutionize how video slots are played on mobile phones, mobile tablets and desktop computers.

iSoftBet has noted that they are making sure Neon Reels is available to be released on both their mobile as well as online platform upon its release date. Those who want to experience the iSoftBet platform before this game is released next month can do so by signing up a player account with any online casinos boasting the iSoftBet platform. We’ll keep you posted on the actual launch date for Neon Reels.

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