Constantine Returns on Arrow

Written by  on August 30, 2015 

Constantine, a show created by NBC which revolves around “John Constantine”, a man who is gifted with the demonic arts and uses those gifts to save those in hellish crisis. Unfortunately the Television series, portrayed by Matt Ryan has already been canceled by NBC after a thirteen episode run. This isn’t the end of Mr. Ryan’s portrayal though as he will be re-appearing on Arrow in its fourth season.

Arrow is currently the most popular of all superhero related television shows currently airing. Having this character appear on the show can also allow for the character to gain a second rebirth, this being because thousands to millions of Arrow fans might watch the first season of Constantine. This in return could mean for NBC renewing the series for a second season.

Constantine has only been portrayed twice in the film industry, once in a film where Keanu Reeves played the infamous demonic hero and the second being the television series. Neither one of these products were able to reach high levels of popularity, just as Ghost Rider couldn’t as well. It seems the darkest of superheroes cannot create a mass amount of profit for whomever is creating the series or film.

Hopefully Constantine will return for a second season after his portrayal on Arrow. It’ll be interesting to see where the Arrow Writer Team takes this specific episode as anything that has John Constantine come into play will require a dark timeline. This’ll easily be possible with the previous dark story arks told in Arrow.

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