Manchester’s Hell of Horror House Opens

Written by  on October 28, 2015 

Manchester, England is becoming far scarier this October as a new haunted house has arrived on the scene at the Great Northern Warehouse. This warehouse will remain until November 1st in hopes of scary many of the youth and the old.


This spooky new haunted how consists of thirty random zombies, insane asylum residents, blood thirsty murders, persecuted criminals and scared scientists. This two story haunted house also has winding wooden corridors that’ll be in the dark. Apparently in the first week that this haunted house has been on the scene it’s already caused for more than thirty five people to run out of the exits scared for their lives. There have even been TV Personalities such as Sarah Walters and Todd Fitzgerald who’ve been caught running from this facility screaming for their lives. It’s the tension, silence and more that makes for one of the scariest haunted houses ever seen in the United Kingdom.

The tag line for “House of the Dead” is “Hell has found a home” and their exactly right. This is stated to be one of the more nerve wrecking haunted houses seen within the United Kingdom on a yearly basis. People from all over who love the Halloween experience come to witness watch horrors have been created this year. Afterwards those whom have been able to survive the horrors will be able to take their picture with some of the ghouls if they wish to. This is obviously a ploy to capture more money out of the consumer.

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