Bushfire Creates Australian “Day of Hell”

Written by  on November 22, 2015 

Australia is known as one of the hottest locations in the world. It falls right under the hole in the Ozone Layer as well which causes for temperatures to become deadly. So much so that the Australian Government advises all citizens & tourists to not go out during the peak hours of the day, if required to do so make sure that your under shelter to avoid the heat. This incredible heat has once again laid damage for the continent of Australia. A brushfire, one of the largest and fastest moving ever seen wreaked havoc throughout the Southeast of Australia.


Four locals were killed due to this uncontrollable blaze. Hundreds of firemen are continually working without rest in order to bring down this blaze. Soaring temperatures are making this a battle they cannot win though, this summer is suspected to be one of the most if not most devastating summers in history for the country.

Severe speeds have caused for this blaze to move 750 Kilometre’s during its blaze, severe lightning storms being caused by the increase in smoke and heat is also causing for power to fall all over the southeast. There are two confirmed policemen who have also passed away from the two-metre high flames.

Bushfires are now springing up far earlier than they ever have before. Locals are now vastly fearing for their continent, it’s suspected that this continent will become a desert wasteland in the upcoming century. Three hundred people have currently been evacuated, firemen and authorities work to continue to bring this blaze down but it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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