The Most Successful Role-Playing Game Series of All Time

Written by  on February 2, 2016 

In what must be the most popular, hotly contested, and heavily argued gaming category the top game to swagger away with the title as the most successful RPG in history is, depending on whom you ask, continually voted to a number of different videogames. Due to the immersive nature of these game types each person’s motivation and criteria whereby they judge the game to be the best differs completely. Some judged purely by volume of copies sold, others by entertainment value, and the list of qualifiers grow daily.

The Elder Scrolls

However, one series of games have over the years risen head-and-shoulders above the rest, it continues to top the sales charts and remains one of the most modded RPGs on the Steam network. While it still regularly makes the top 10 list to this day, despite the fact that it is now nearly 5 years since its initial launch in late 2011.

That series has to be The Elder Scrolls, which culminated in its last province Skyrim, itself originally influenced by Ultima Underworld, another equally successful game from yesteryear. Each new chapter in the Elder Scrolls series imbibed game play with its own special spirit that occupied that particular province or world. The Elder Scrolls, undeniably Bethesda’s crown jewel in itself became an extremely influential WRPG with more than 20 million copies sold, it went on to become the most modded game on Steam, a title it held onto for 3 years.

Players were free to explore and excruciatingly vast world, without the need to necessarily follow a linear storyline. Any player could at any time literally just pick any direction and start running to within a minute or two discover a new area or small side adventure, without losing the essence of the game. The world, the game, and the plot were so expensive few players ever managed to complete the game fully.

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