Advice on Playing Hellfire

The game of Hellfire is a game of fantasy trading card and you will be immediately engage in the play. It will grab your attention as soon as you discover it as it is created in an exceptional environment with beautifully rendered cards as the main focus of this game. It will not annoy you nor bait you to spend money and you’ll find the game rather amusing and entertaining. While it is a free game, you can make other investments to access some of the premium features and that is not necessary to get the full enjoyment. The game commences and the player starts with a few cards and you may build on that through the course of play in the 25 levels that are offered to players. These ethereal worlds are also divided as continents and chapters each leading a player from one to the other with challenges and quests, collecting cards. Each card moves through four stages of evolution, which occur when a player fuses together identical cards, through which players can move and each are rendered imaginatively to create beautiful cards. ”


To win, players will need to pay attention to the invocations and increase the attack strength of the monsters that are at play. To hit points, you can better your skill level through reinforcement or evolution. To reinforce you can use as many creatures at the first level of element A to reinforce the element A creature. If you were using one time 8 Homonculus, you would give more using the same and you would use the Death creature to reinforce more of the same Death creatures. This reinforces the one element.

To evolve your creatures, you would use a maximum leveled creature with a higher stage evolution to evolve a card at a lower stage. For example, you could evolve a Bajungo at a level 50 and a stage one using a Bajungo at a level 50, stage two.

The deck consists of three parts for each of three cards and you can mix and match the elements or play the game using the same ones. Look for elementary medallions to help to create your deck and add the Death card to your deck in case you need to inflict some damage. Your main screen image will be the same card that is in the top left deck slot and is your ally element.

When you are in battle, remember that each target has a life bar that is the same colour as his element so you can tell how much life your opponent has left. If you can aim at the centre of your target, you will get a critical hit and it will cause much more damage. When you are following the medallion elements, the damage can either be doubled or reduced depending on what the elements are being used so adjust your shot accordingly. Make sure you take note of the number that is above each target. This is how many turns that you will pass before the element attacks. If you can hit two creatures at once, try to do so – check your aim and try to get between two creatures that are standing close together.

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