The Most Successful Role-Playing Game Series of All Time

Written by  on February 2, 2016

In what must be the most popular, hotly contested, and heavily argued gaming category the top game to swagger away with the title as the most successful RPG in history is, depending on whom you ask, continually voted to a number of different videogames. Due to the immersive nature of these game types each person’s motivation and criteria whereby they judge the game to be the best differs completely. Some judged purely by volume of copies sold, others by entertainment value, and the list of qualifiers grow daily.

The Elder Scrolls

However, one series of games have over the years risen head-and-shoulders above the rest, it continues to top the sales charts and remains one of the most modded RPGs on the Steam network. While it still regularly makes the top 10 list to this day, despite the fact that it is now nearly 5 years since its initial launch in late 2011.

That series has to be The Elder Scrolls, which culminated in its last province Skyrim, itself originally influenced by Ultima Underworld, another equally successful game from yesteryear. Each new chapter in the Elder Scrolls series imbibed game play with its own special spirit that occupied that particular province or world. The Elder Scrolls, undeniably Bethesda’s crown jewel in itself became an extremely influential WRPG with more than 20 million copies sold, it went on to become the most modded game on Steam, a title it held onto for 3 years.

Players were free to explore and excruciatingly vast world, without the need to necessarily follow a linear storyline. Any player could at any time literally just pick any direction and start running to within a minute or two discover a new area or small side adventure, without losing the essence of the game. The world, the game, and the plot were so expensive few players ever managed to complete the game fully.

U.S. Running Out of Hellfire Missiles

Written by  on December 24, 2015

The United States of America is placing themselves into a bit of a tight spot with all the warfronts on which their currently on today. The country is running out of Hellfire missiles, their most advanced yet simple missile which causes an unimaginable amount of destruction wherever it detonates. The reasoning for these hellfire missiles starting to disappear from the playing from is because the U.S. is using more each year then they can afford to make, this is thanks to President Barack Obama preferring to use drones over any other form of warfare.


Using soldiers on the ground is a far more efficient, tactical and less deadly experience for all. The reasoning for this is because soldiers can move as a unit, be precise in their drills so that no civilian causalities will be a result of their presence. A drone strike has none of these abilities and it’s resulted in thousands upon thousands of innocent children, fathers and mothers dying by the hands of these drones. It’s a fact many Northern Americans aren’t aware of.

Luckily there is hope as a number of candidates up for the presidency has stated that they’d return to more of a human presence within the military. Many believe that drones, hellfire missiles, robots or whatever else might be the case in the future isn’t good for warfare. Hopefully whomever wins the Presidency next year doesn’t follow in Obama’s footsteps when it comes to the USA’s military presence. Find out more by reading about the MQ-9 Reaper Drone.

Bushfire Creates Australian “Day of Hell”

Written by  on November 22, 2015

Australia is known as one of the hottest locations in the world. It falls right under the hole in the Ozone Layer as well which causes for temperatures to become deadly. So much so that the Australian Government advises all citizens & tourists to not go out during the peak hours of the day, if required to do so make sure that your under shelter to avoid the heat. This incredible heat has once again laid damage for the continent of Australia. A brushfire, one of the largest and fastest moving ever seen wreaked havoc throughout the Southeast of Australia.


Four locals were killed due to this uncontrollable blaze. Hundreds of firemen are continually working without rest in order to bring down this blaze. Soaring temperatures are making this a battle they cannot win though, this summer is suspected to be one of the most if not most devastating summers in history for the country.

Severe speeds have caused for this blaze to move 750 Kilometre’s during its blaze, severe lightning storms being caused by the increase in smoke and heat is also causing for power to fall all over the southeast. There are two confirmed policemen who have also passed away from the two-metre high flames.

Bushfires are now springing up far earlier than they ever have before. Locals are now vastly fearing for their continent, it’s suspected that this continent will become a desert wasteland in the upcoming century. Three hundred people have currently been evacuated, firemen and authorities work to continue to bring this blaze down but it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Manchester’s Hell of Horror House Opens

Written by  on October 28, 2015

Manchester, England is becoming far scarier this October as a new haunted house has arrived on the scene at the Great Northern Warehouse. This warehouse will remain until November 1st in hopes of scary many of the youth and the old.


This spooky new haunted how consists of thirty random zombies, insane asylum residents, blood thirsty murders, persecuted criminals and scared scientists. This two story haunted house also has winding wooden corridors that’ll be in the dark. Apparently in the first week that this haunted house has been on the scene it’s already caused for more than thirty five people to run out of the exits scared for their lives. There have even been TV Personalities such as Sarah Walters and Todd Fitzgerald who’ve been caught running from this facility screaming for their lives. It’s the tension, silence and more that makes for one of the scariest haunted houses ever seen in the United Kingdom.

The tag line for “House of the Dead” is “Hell has found a home” and their exactly right. This is stated to be one of the more nerve wrecking haunted houses seen within the United Kingdom on a yearly basis. People from all over who love the Halloween experience come to witness watch horrors have been created this year. Afterwards those whom have been able to survive the horrors will be able to take their picture with some of the ghouls if they wish to. This is obviously a ploy to capture more money out of the consumer.

Hell in a Cell Back On!

Written by  on September 29, 2015

The WWE Hell in a Cell Match will be returning this year, the two competitors fighting one another will be the “Undertaker” and “Brock Lesnar”. This is not the first time these two wrestlers have fought one another, a rivalry has brewed between them throughout the decades. This upcoming month on October 25th, 2015 these two behemoths will be fighting once again in a PayPerView Event.

The WWE Hell in a Cell Matc

Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE in a magical way, he defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. The reason for it being magical is that the UnderTaker has an undefeated record that went throughout the time span of the WWE itself. The has led to the Undertaker seeking revenge on this youthful star and the end result will more than likely the Undertaker taking the cake as he always does.

This year at SummerSlam they fought one another, Brock Lesnar nearly defeated the Undertaker due to him tapping out for a few seconds. The referee never saw the tap out though which allowed for the Undertaker to use his famous submission “Hell’s Gate” which resulted in Mr. Lesnar falling asleep, allowing for the devil man himself to reign victorious.
Mr. Lesnar now seeks out revenge and the demon himself does not give up on a grudge, he will always return for more and if his history is any indicator he’ll win in a short period of time. The Undertaker is also famous for winning every Hell in the Cell match that he has ever encountered, he even beat Triple H, a wrestler who is considered far more superior then Mr. Lesnar.

Constantine Returns on Arrow

Written by  on August 30, 2015

Constantine, a show created by NBC which revolves around “John Constantine”, a man who is gifted with the demonic arts and uses those gifts to save those in hellish crisis. Unfortunately the Television series, portrayed by Matt Ryan has already been canceled by NBC after a thirteen episode run. This isn’t the end of Mr. Ryan’s portrayal though as he will be re-appearing on Arrow in its fourth season.

Arrow is currently the most popular of all superhero related television shows currently airing. Having this character appear on the show can also allow for the character to gain a second rebirth, this being because thousands to millions of Arrow fans might watch the first season of Constantine. This in return could mean for NBC renewing the series for a second season.

Constantine has only been portrayed twice in the film industry, once in a film where Keanu Reeves played the infamous demonic hero and the second being the television series. Neither one of these products were able to reach high levels of popularity, just as Ghost Rider couldn’t as well. It seems the darkest of superheroes cannot create a mass amount of profit for whomever is creating the series or film.

Hopefully Constantine will return for a second season after his portrayal on Arrow. It’ll be interesting to see where the Arrow Writer Team takes this specific episode as anything that has John Constantine come into play will require a dark timeline. This’ll easily be possible with the previous dark story arks told in Arrow.

Neon Reels shown off by iSoftBet

Written by  on July 29, 2015

iSoftBet is one of the more unique software developers in the online gambling market, they strive to provide a more intuitive and exciting experience within their platform. This is the reason as to why so many online & mobile casinos choose to license out their platform. iSoftBet has just impressed gamblers again with the announcement of their latest upcoming slot “Neon Reels”.

neon reels

This game is slated to be released early in August. A new visual 3D element never before seen in a casino game is being introduced within this slot as well. The reels will essentially look as if their popping of out the monitor, all visuals are crisp and details. Thanks to the neon colors this slot comes off as being vivid, bright and exciting as well. Players all around the globe who’ve witnessed the preview for this game on the iSoftBet YouTube channel have begun to express how thrilled they are to play this game and that it has the chance to revolutionize how video slots are played on mobile phones, mobile tablets and desktop computers.

iSoftBet has noted that they are making sure Neon Reels is available to be released on both their mobile as well as online platform upon its release date. Those who want to experience the iSoftBet platform before this game is released next month can do so by signing up a player account with any online casinos boasting the iSoftBet platform. We’ll keep you posted on the actual launch date for Neon Reels.

Three Hells Angels Bikers Almost Kill Canadian Man

Written by  on June 30, 2015

Three Hells Angels Bikers have been charged with second degree murder as these three men beat a young man to the point that he is now clinging to life in Greece. These hells angels’ men who were on vacation apparently were severely drunk & we’re looking for trouble, purposely trying to make this young man fight when he would not.

Hells Angels

A local convenience store was able to catch the footage of this beating which has allowed for Vancouver Police to arrest these men for second degree murder. The sister of the man who was beaten has not released her name due to the global influence of the Hells Angels Biker “Club”. This attack has come only a month after her father passed away on May 24th. She returned from her job up north in Greece & stayed within the village in order to console her mother. This beating has caused her to stay longer at the village & lose her position at her job. This woman has openly said that she will be doing everything in her power as well as the Greek Government in order to ensure that these three bikers don’t have the ability to travel outside of Canada again & that they spend a long time in a Canadian prison. The Greek Government has also stated that they will be working alongside the Canadian Government to ensure justice of this young man.

We shall keep you up to date as to what happens with these three Canadian Hells Angels bikers. It’s suspected that they’ll spend fifteen to twenty years in a Vancouver Canadian Prison.

1×2 Gaming Rises from the Depths of Hell

Written by  on May 27, 2015

1x2 Gaming

1×2 Gaming is considered to be one of the upcoming developers in the online gambling market but recently they’ve been swimming in the depths of hell as they weren’t able to obtain a gambling license for operation in regulated markets. This has all changed as 1×2 Gaming has revealed that they’ve received a class four based gambling license through the Malta Gambling Association. In return this means that this gambling software developer can operate in regulated markets and return from the depths of hell.

This license will give 1×2 gaming the full ability to provide each one of their casino games & customer service options to casinos around the globe. There are many great video slots which can be played through this platform as well as table games such as blackjack and various virtual sports products. All of these products will now be available to regulated markets in the upcoming weeks.

The Chief Marketing Officer at 1×2 Gaming,  made a short statement on this positive news stating, “As a developer we can’t be more pleased to be officially licensed through the MGA. Now we can enter regulated markets which is a milestone for our company. Though we’ve been regulated in the UK for a long period of time we’ve been trying to grow our presence international and now we can do just that.”

We will update you on how obtaining this class four MGA gambling license works for 1×2 Gaming in the upcoming year.

Casino Midas

Written by  on January 27, 2015

Casino Midas is an online casino that operated within the United Kingdom but unfortunately early on this week, it was revealed that the casino is closing their doors for good. This is due to the new licensing charges that have been placed towards online casinos operating in the UK. These licensing charges are far to experience and will result in these online casinos barely turning a profit. These new laws have placed an adversity towards a number of online casinos that have been forced to shut down. In result there has been plenty of people who have lost their jobs in the industry.

Casino Midas

This online casino is licensed out of Curacao but they offer their casino only in the U.K, they previously operated in a number of different markets but have pulled out of every single one. Those who played at this casino had to stop making wagers on January 12th, 2015 and now the casino has officially shut down. No longer can you access this domain name which is a shame as Casino Midas provided hundreds to thousands of punters in the U.K with an incredible gambling experience.

Casino Midas openly said that if they were to pay these new licensing charges on top of their taxes as well as paying their employee’s, the profit that would be made wouldn’t be worth operating the casino. This has been the result with the majority of online casinos that operated within the United Kingdom. We shall inform you if Casino Midas decides to return to the U.K in the future.