Hell’s Kitchen

Written by  on December 31, 2014

Reality shows have been popular for the last decade or so, one of the shows that has been able to remain as one of the kings in reality television is Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey has been able to become a house hold name due to this show and owns a series of restaurants due to the fortune he has accumulated from this show. After thirteen seasons of being on air there was no guarantee that he would be returning for a fourteenth season. Luckily for Mr. Ramsey he will be returning as the head chef in Hell’s Kitchen for a fourteenth season.


There is no word as of right now if Andi Van Willigan or James Avery will be returning as the sous chefs for the 14th season. After being on the show for a number of seasons it is almost written in stone that they will returning once again to help Gordon Ramsey ship out these new recruits into shape. All of those who enter the Hell’s Kitchen competition already have plenty of experience in the culinary arts but having on your resume that you won “Hell’s Kitchen” and using Gordon Ramsey as a reference essentially means there are no limits as to what these chef’s could become and do. It is for that reason alone that this show continues to remain on air to this day.

The thirteenth season is finishing tonight on December 20th, 2014 but you can be ensured that sometime in early September of 2015 we will be seeing the 14th season in the series. We will keep you updated on if anything changes between now and then.

Hell on Wheels Renewed

Written by  on November 12, 2014

Hell on Wheels, an hour long television show created by AMC and designed as an Alberta-Shot Western will be getting one more season for fans to enjoy. The fifth and final season will be airing in the summer of 2016, meaning fans still have two more seasons to enjoy before this show says its final farewell.

hell on wheels

Seven new episodes are airing next summer and another seven will be airing in the summer of 2016. The reason for the low episode count is because each episode runs at sixty minutes without any interruptions from commercials. Hell on Wheels first began airing back in 2011, it is based on the first transcontinental railroad system which was built in 1869. These were the years of the Golden Spike which resulted in men earning lots of riches through gold. Though through finding that gold meant that someone wanted to steal it or hurt you for your money. This show proved to become popular and has a diehard fan base that wished each season would have more episodes.

There is two more seasons left for Hell on Wheels. During those two seasons if rating reach a major increase it’ll more than likely result in a sixth season being developed by AMC. This is why fans of the show have been desperately urging other people to watch this television program.

We shall keep you informed on if anything changes regarding how many episodes the final season gets or if another season will be made in the future.

Hell’s Kitchen

Written by  on October 31, 2014

Hell’s Kitchen, a show hosted by Gordon Ramsay. A.K.A. One of the best cooks known around the world and this show after thirteen seasons of being on air continues to thrive in popularity. Many people believe that it is because of how Gordon Ramsay acts on the show but it is far from the opposite.


Gordon Ramsay is a caring man who puts on his mask in order to gain more views, he actually helps hold these chefs into world class cooks who can become more powerful than Ramsay himself. He also connects with these people on a emotional level as he brings in people he can connect with through his past, allowing for him to find passion in what he does.

Many of the chefs who appeared on the early seasons of Hell’s Kitchen now own their own restaurants in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Their lives were able to become that of wealth due to the immense care and teachings that Gordon Ramsay offers to his students. You can be ensured that as long as this show continues to remain on air new world class chefs will be created with each passing season. Even those who don’t win the show are still highly sought out by other restaurants located around the globe.

It wasn’t until the third season of Hell’s Kitchen that this show really picked up in popularity. Ten seasons later and it continues to grow in popularity due to its now branded host and branded name.

Saints Row 4

Written by  on October 1, 2014

There are many different interpretations of what hell would be like, many people believe that it would be a pit of fire that we’d never be able to escape from and others already believe that we’re living in hell as we speak. Saints Row 4, a video game which resembles the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a different interpretation of what hell would be like in their new expansion pack for Saints Row 4. “Gat Out Of Hell” is the latest expansion pack for Saints Row 4 which is also being released as a standalone title as well. This new expansion is being released on January 27th in North America and January 30th in the United Kingdom.

When you first load “Gat Out Of Hell” you will notice that the environment has changed greatly since you last played this game. Everything is darkened in order to resemble the hellish theme of this expansion pack. All of the enemies will remind you of creatures from the abyss and your super human abilities will consist of hellish abilities. It makes for an experience that is not only frightening but fun for everyone to enjoy.

Saint Row 4: Gat Out Of Hell will be the first Saints Row standalone title to be released on the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. Gat out of Hell is also being released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. You can pre-order this game at any local game retail shop in your area.

NYX & Spin Games

Written by  on September 8, 2014

NYX Interactive has stood as one of the largest online gambling firms in the industry. They offer a variety of different gambling platforms within their own unique OGS Platform which has allowed them to grow not just in popularity but in scale. Today NYX Interactive took to the media to reveal that they’ve entered a new content deal with Spin Games. This new content deal allowing for Spin Games gambling platform to be distributed through the OGS Platform.


Spin Games offers the casinos that license their software and now NYX Interactive a variety of different casino games. Their platform include online video slots, online bingo games, keno and a variety of different poker products. Each one of these products will now be available on the OGS Platform which provides some of the largest online gambling platforms known to the online gambling market.

It’s unknown as to when NYX Interactive will begin to roll out the Spin Games platform to the various online casinos that provide their punters with their OGS Platform. What we do know is that it will be within the next thirty days, during those thirty days you can experience the other platforms available within OGS.

Commenting on the deal NYX Gaming Group CEO Matt Davey said, “We are excited to be working with the team at Spin. Their regulatory focus and innovative design capabilities makes them an ideal partner for NYX. Through NYX’s OGS platform we will have access to blue chip operators enabling us to continue to grow our market share.”

As Above, So Below To Resemble Hell Under Paris

Written by  on September 8, 2014

There is a fictional horror film being released to the general public in the upcoming months. As Above, So Below is a new horror film set in the catacombs of Paris. A group of scholars set off into the catacombs after they heard a number of rumors describing an ancient alchemical artifact that could turn any base metal into gold in a matter of seconds. The result is that the expedition takes a sinister and surprising turn. These scholars are sent down into the catacombs of Paris where they experience horrors from their past and also potentially enter the gates of hell.


Filmed in a lost footage essence you can expect very scary moments to occur while you are in the film as everything is filmed in first person. This movie isn’t based on pure myth those as well know alchemists such as Nicholas Flamel lived in Old Paris and Paris is considered to be home to ancient alchemical adventures from the past.

John Dowdle one of the directors of the film said the following, “Drew and I had for years talked about, wouldn’t it be cool to do a female Indiana Jones movie that is in found footage, to do that kind of epic movie from a really intimate angle? We had also been really interested in the catacombs but had never really put the two together. We had a movie we were about to go make called “The Coup” that fell apart — thankfully we got to rebuild it and make it — we were like, “What are we going to do?” We got a call from [Legendary chief] Thomas Tull and he was like, “I’d love to do something in the Paris catacombs. Do you have any ideas?” A lightning bolt went off. We were like, that would be perfect for Scarlett Marlowe and we could put those two together and it all just fell into place.”

Net Entertainment Releases new games to Mobile

Written by  on August 4, 2014

Net Entertainment is at it again and once again keeping to their promise that they made at the beginning of 2014. Net Entertainment promised their loyal fans that for each month this year they would be releasing a new video slot for their PC Platform and one new video slot for their Mobile Platform. This is the first time that Net Entertainment has ever done something such as this and as a result they have grown in popularity by 8% over the last four months. This might not seem like a lot but with millions of fans all around the world this percentage is considerably high.


The first slot is be released is for their PC Platform and it’s called Lost Island. The 5 reel, All Payline video slot is designed around a mystical island that has long since been abandoned. When spinning the reels you come across various unknown symbols which act of as the treasures for this mystical island. Game feature wise you can expect scatters, wilds, free spins and a bonus round. This’ll give punters plenty of opportunity to win large amounts of money.

The second slot is “Piggy Riches Mobile”, the video slot is the same as its PC Counterpart. The 5 reel, 15 payline slot is designed around a barn where some rich piggy’s have been living for a long time. When spinning the reels you see keys for a fancy car, a purse full of money, a bag of gold and so much more. Each one of these expensive items are owned by the Piggy’s. You can experiences wilds, scatters and free spins through this slot.

Yggdrasil Gaming Offers Magic Mushroom Slot

Written by  on August 4, 2014

Yggdrasil Gaming is still considered to be a new software developer but is one that is gaining momentum. They haven’t even been in operation for two years but throughout the course of the last year Yggdrasil Gaming has been able to become vastly popular amongst online punters and have been picked up by big name casinos. Most months they continue to hit the mark with some kind of content supply deal to a large online casino and new game releases.

Today Yggdrasil Gaming took it upon themselves to reveal their latest video slot called “Magic Mushrooms”. The Malta licensed gambling firm designed this slot with a trippy vibe, you will see swirls of grass in the background which always catches your eye. On the reels each one of the symbols are designed with bright colors, weird designs and so much more. This truly makes you feel as if you are on Magic Mushrooms, giving this video slot one of the most exciting and realistic gambling experiences known to the online gambling industry.

Fredrik Elmqvist, the CEO behind Yggdrasil Gaming stated the following about this slot, “We wanted to create a video slot that doesn’t resemble anything else on the internet. Granted this took us a long time to think of and even longer to develop but we’re proud of the efforts we made as it now means we offer a video slot that no other developer can match, it’s a brand new experience and we can’t wait to see our punters reactions towards Magic Mushrooms.”

The Last of Us 2

Written by  on June 24, 2014

It was revealed from a news release by Naughty Dog that “The Last of Us 2” is currently in production with a 2017 release date. This surprised many in the video game industry as during the last year Naughty Dog has preached that they won’t make another installment for The Last of Us. Naughty Dog kept on noting that the last of us 2 was meant to be a standalone game between Uncharted 3 and Uncharted 4.

naughtydog logo

Naughty Dog didn’t expect for “The Last of Us” to become their most popular game yet. People who had never played a video game went out and purchased a Playstation 3 just so they could play this game. The reason is because The Last of Us had an emotional story that hit people right in their hearts. Joel and Ellie were the perfect set of characters to play as, Ellies connection to Joel as a daughter like figure allowed for people to get emotionally connected to both of these characters. After an emotional scene where Joel is in peril everyone became hooked on this game and they wanted more.

Naughty Dog stated the following, “We have been developing The Last of Us 2 since the day we finished making the first one. We knew that this game would reach high levels of popularity and we knew that a sequel would be demanded of us. We choose not to announce it in hopes that people would want the sequel that much more, we were correct and look forward to releasing the second installment in 2017.”

Video Game Collection Sold

Written by  on June 24, 2014

The Largest Video Game Collection has been sold through eBay earlier on this week. Michael Thomasson, the man who collected over eleven thousand video games put his collection on eBay for everyone to enjoy. He started the bid at $300,000 as that is his total investment on his collection and then it was later sold for $750,250 which is a massive profit for any collector.

ebay logo

In total there were 11,607 Video Games in Mr. Thomasson’s collection and when he sold his collection for $750,250 he was thrilled as this meant the buyer paid a total of $68 per video game. This is a massive profit as most of the video game in his collection are worth three to five dollars at best.

Mr. Thomasson said the following, “It has been extremely hard for me to depart with my collection. It stopped being about the video games and more about the point about ten years ago. I don’t even play any video games anymore but only purchased them to better my collection, though my children would play the new games. Unfortunately I have another child on the way and will need a bigger home for my wife and I. This is why I have sold the collection and I am thrilled that I got $350,000 more than I asked for.”

There were over fifty people biding on the collection for a two day period of time. During these two days, the amount went from $300,000 to $750,000. That is when the final bidder added $250 to the bid and won.