Steam Machine Delayed To 2015

Written by  on May 30, 2014

Shocking information hit the video game industry like a storm today when Valve, the company that created Steam, one of the largest video game downloadable services online, announced that their Steam Machine will be delayed until 2015.

Steam logo

The reason as to why the Steam Machine is being postponed until 2015 is because Valve needs to make sure that the operating system for the device is simple yet beautiful at the same time, Valve also needed to ensure themselves that they had multiple games available for players to download at launch. Unfortunately Valve has had some issues getting quality games onto their system as developers have contracts with Sony Entertainment and Microsoft, these contracts stop developers from releasing their games on any console other then the Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

If the Steam Machine is delayed until 2015 that means that Valve will have the extra time needed in order to put better internals within the system, create a more fluent operating system and get a mass amount of games ready for their console on launch date.

Valve made the following statement, “We aren’t happy about making this announcement but we are having to postpone the Steam Machine until 2015. We have had issues with developers and publishing companies which means we haven’t been able to get the games we want onto our console. Every blockbuster game that is released in 2015 will be available for the Steam Machine, meaning on launch date will have an array of games for players to choose from.”

New Hitman Won’t Appear At E3

Written by  on May 30, 2014

Hitman, one of the longest surviving video game franchises in the industry won’t be appearing at E3 2014. Square Enix, the developers behind the last Hitman installment and this future Hitman installment made an announcement regarding this new Hitman title.

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Square Enix Spokesman Jake Fleming made this announcement saying, “We are currently working on the seventh installment in the Hitman franchise. We knew that players wanted more of Agent 47 and we wanted to deliver those experiences players love again. Unfortunately we won’t be showcasing the new Hitman installment as we believe it’s not even close to being ready to launch and we believe that making players wait two years for this game won’t be a good thing. Instead we will reveal the seventh installment of the Hitman franchise at E3 2015, during which we will showcase storyline gameplay and multiplayer gameplay in one conference.”

Hitman fans realize that in order to play an incredible game you must take the time to develop those games, even if it means delaying the game or releasing it at a later point in time. Hitman Absolution, the last installment in the franchise was in development for four years. The end result was one of the best Hitman experiences ever seen. Currently you can play Hitman Absolution for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Personal Computer. You feel as if you are truly an assassin Hitman running around the world trying to find your next target, it makes for a compelling and exciting experience.

New Unreal Tournament Announced

Written by  on May 9, 2014

Epic Games, announced today that their releasing a new Unreal Tournament for the PC, Mac and Linux based computers. The game will be completely free and will rely on the community to create new content for it. Essentially this means that this game works as a tool for future video game developers, giving them the opportunity to experience what it would be like to create video games without having to go to school for it.

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Unreal Tournament 4 will mark a major milestone for the video game industry. It was the unreal engine that first allowed for video games to resemble real life and with each passing installment in the Unreal Engine the industry gets to grow to new lengths.

Epic Games made a statement on their website regarding the new Unreal Tournament, stating: “We are honored to announce that the fourth installment in the Unreal Tournament franchise will be released this summer. Unlike the other previous three installments in the franchise we’ve created this version as a tool for all video game players. Just like Minecraft you will be able to enter this game and create new content for everyone to enjoy. You could essentially create a video game from scratch and post it on the Unreal Tournament database for everyone to enjoy. We hope that with the help of kickstarter we will be able to bring multiple new games to light.”

You will have to wait till the end of August to play Unreal Tournament 4.

Day Z Reaches Beta

Written by  on May 9, 2014

Interactive Bohemia Entertainment, the company behind the now famed video game “DayZ” announced this week that DayZ has entered its beta form. Originally the game was designed as a mod to the Arma Video Game Series. Hundreds and thousands of people downloaded this mod and eventually the creator opened us his own video game studio. This resulted in Interactive Bohemia Entertainment being created and entering the Alpha version of DayZ.

Interactive Bohemia Entertainment

The video game studio sold the game in its Alpha version, resulting in a lot of bugs while you’re playing this game but none the less a total of five million people have purchased this video game for $25. The game has now entered its beta form but won’t go on sale as IBE wants to release the final version of DayZ in its perfect form.

There have been multiple rumors that Interactive Bohemia Entertainment is using the Arma 3 software for their new version of DayZ. This is something everyone wants as currently the game runs on the Arma 2 software, making the game appear look like it’s from the last generation. Making the final version of DayZ with the Arma 3 software will mean betting lighting fixtures, game textures, sound quality, graphics and speed in the game. Essentially the game would look like real life compared to its previous Alpha model.

Interactive Bohemia Entertainment has yet to announce a release date for the final version of DayZ. We suspect that the game won’t be released till the last quarter of 2015.