Choosing Allies in Hellfire

When you are playing Hellfire, you will need to make sure that you develop sufficient amount of allies and wanderers to support you in your game. Allies are always essential in anything you do and Hellfire is no different. There are rules that do apply to the selection of allies in the game and you must adhere to these as well as to be as strategic as possible when you are making your decisions around this. Always try to get as much information as possible about your allies and try to learn more about the player himself if you can. These are people that you will want to rely upon in battle and the more you know, the better prepared you will be to move forward together and plan strategies.


You will need to decide who exactly your allies will be prior to starting any battle. You can’t stop midstream in a combat scenario and try to choose allies under those conditions. It is not permitted in the game so bear this in mind when you are beginning the play. You’ll need to try to think ahead and predict what may occur and who might best work you in those situations as an ally. Wanderers on the other hand, can help you only on some occasions when you are in the context of battle.

You are not allowed to send gifts to your allies or to attempt to contact them. You are permitted to make the decision about who you would like to choose as your ally on your own without interference from anyone else. Wanderers are selected on your behalf by the game itself and they will be suggested to you at certain junctures in the game, once you have settle a battle successfully.

If you would like to see who your allies are, you may select the appropriate map while you are in preparation for battle and are planning an attack. You are given a specific number of maximum allies that you can choose so your assigned number will reflect how many you have as well as how many you are allowed. You will see an avatar of your allies and will see the first card in their deck. Your avatar is also the first card in your deck and can be used in fights.

If a player has not logged into play within the last 24 hours, it will indicate that they are not active on your list of allies. As such you can still use the allies to assist you in a battle but you will not receive any of the ally jewels. You can remove any inactive allies on your list by simply tapping the x that is in the upper left hand corner on the tab of the ally and you can also find out more about the allies that you have selected by tapping the appropriate icon on the ally.

By selecting the most suitable allies to accompany you in battle, you are setting yourself up for greater success in the game.

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