Diablo Hellfire Expansion

Diablo: Hellfire is an add-on to the video game Diablo, created in 1997. It was released in 1997 as the only authorized expansion pack. A later iteration of the game was released in 1998 with Hellfire included in the bundle. The expansion offers a subtext to the original game story where a sorcerer accidently unleashed Na Krul, the demon, into Tristam but notices what’s happening and slams the entry way through magic, preventing the demon from escaping with its full power.

Diablo Hellfire

Add-ons with Hellfire include enhancements such as a couple of added dungeon settings, another class of monk, extra quests, runes which are used as traps, new spells, extras for weapons and equipment, new enemy names, power boosts and strength boosts, new enemy names and some significant improvements to the interfaces. The expansion pack has a seamless integration into Diablo and its design makes it possible to avoid the dungeons entirely. In fact, there are no new monsters there with the expansion pack but there are new enemies not previously found in the game. A player will need to gain experience to explore the levels from 1 to 8 of Hellfire’s dungeons.

Added with Hellfire are bonus features such as the ability to increase the speed at which you move around the town by using the jog option that is available on the menu or the ability to highlight specific objects on the floor as well as a spell that can magically transport a player.

Hellfire is not included with Diablo II: Battle Chest that was released in 1998. In Diablo II, there are, however crypts and caves for insects that do resemble some of the elements that are inherent to Diablo: Hellfire. Additionally, some of the features that were only available with Hellfire became regular functions on the second edition of Diablo, such as the fast moving function and the highlighting feature.

There is also an additional character class that accompanies the expansion pack and that is the Monk class. There are two characters that are added as well – the Bard and the Barbarian. Hellfire also adds a couple of extra quests to amp up the variety in the game. With the Bard class, a player will be able to use weapons differently – wielding on in each hand. The Monk manages the two handed staff and is capable of attacking at high speed. The Barbarian does not possess any magic but can live the longest and resist the most compared to the other classes.

The Theo quest is one of the additional missions as is the cow quest. These involve characters from the original game such as the farmer and the whole premise is quite comical with a player wearing a cow suit to unlock a hive. Apparently this quest is founded on an online joke which requires a number of goofy objectives to be met. Theo is told by a young girl and directs a player to kill a demon to achieve a reward.

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