Hell Fire Club

Dublin’s Hell Fire Club is located in Dublin and is situated in the mountains, with about a half an hour of travel time required to get there from the centre of town. One can park there as there is ample parking available and you can then seek out the primary entrance to the forest. The entrance is just over 6 kilometres south of Rathfarnham on the Route 115 on the way to Glen Cullen.

hellfire club ireland

Parking can hold up to 70 cars so this should not be a concern for anyone traveling to the club. The only issue is that parking in unavailable at the club from Monday to Friday. Hours of operation on the weekend for the parking lot run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and it is also open on bank holidays. Visitors are asked to respect the hours of operation and not to use the parking lot when it is closed.

The Hell Fire Club offers many features that are available for public use including the walking trails, the picturesque viewing points as well as the historic buildings. A permanent orienteering course is offered to visitors at scheduled times. People visiting the park can enjoy the ample walking and hiking trails that are available and can use their orienteering skills to navigate around.

Hell Fire Club is extremely popular for people within Dublin but it also attracts visitors from other locations as well. The site is the home to some mapped forest walks through a cultivated area of pronounced growth of larch, beech and Sitka spruce. The location is atop Montpelier Hill and overlooks the city of Dublin from a southwest vantage point. The hill has an altitude of 1264 feet with approximately 4 and a half kilometres of forest trails and paths throughout.

From the parking lot, one may access the entrance to the main forest which leads to the main round winding up the mountain to the peak. On the southern facing slopes, visitors will enjoy a view of the Piperston Gap. This road then forks through the amazing forest with a substantial growth of grouse, heather and furze. The walking paths are of a moderate difficulty and can be accessed by most hikers, including children and do not require an exceptional level of fitness.

Throughout the coniferous forest, one will find a number of other shorter trails for shorter hikes and people can cut through short cuts if they are on the longer trails and want cut their hike short. All paths will lead to the main roads or the mountain top. The hunting lodge that is atop the mountain provides and exceptional view of the Dublin Bay. The legends say that in the past the building was associated with occult and there were sightings of devils. The building was built by R.H. Connolly who was the speaker of the House of Parliament in Ireland in the year 1725 as a hunting lodge. It was later occupied by a group of men that were considered wild and unruly who used to frequent a tavern in Cork Hill but were barred for misbehaviour and thus they were coined the Hell Fire Club.

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