Space Marines

Warhammer is a fictitious place created by Games Workshop and this is where the Space Marines operate. These marines are superhuman combatants, with genetic modification, and are the fighters that defend the Imperium of Man.

Space Marines

Space Marines are a miniature army that is playable on a table top. Because these soldiers are so amazingly powerful, their armies can remain relatively small so it won’t require a large investment for players. They are such a versatile bunch that they are capable of multiple tactics without a specialization. There are rules that do apply to the individual chapters but all of the soldiers can sub in for each other in a multitude of roles. They are clothed in tough armour and thus are highly resilient.

An added dimension to these Space Marines is their commitment to prayer and the God Emperor. Their constitution includes an implanted organ from the flesh of the Emperor and they are considered his angels of death. They answer to the Emperor of all man and are in practice their own autonomous law as the Emperor is in a coma.

Set in the 30th millennium, twenty Primarchs have been created endowed with superhuman physical power and psychic ability. The Emperor uses the legions to worlds across the galaxy, that are inhabited by humans and these united entities make up the Imperium of Man. As the war campaigns draw to a close, some of the Primarchs jump ship and go over to the opposing side to worship the Chaos Gods, rebelling against the Emperor. Ultimately, they are defeated and then must leave the kingdom although they continue to be annoying. The remaining loyal Marines comprise the chapters and guard against any future rebellion.
Only the best and brightest recruits are chosen from the human world.

As well recruits are sought in the Feral Worlds as their brutal conditions make for resilient warriors. The best source, however, is the Hive Worlds as the population is filled with dangerous murderers and they are often taken by capture in large numbers. They have an intense killer instinct and are known for their aggressive nature. The last choice is the Civilized Worlds and these selections must be tested through physical and psychological practices. The few that pass are the “neophytes”, and only through further surgical enhancement and training do they make it the stage of Marines. They are transformed into the superhuman specimens that give the bizarre abilities to spew venom, steal memories and change colour. They can operate without sleep for extended periods. Once they have surpassed the training, as initiates they continue in mental conditioning until they finally reach the point that they are full fledged brothers.

Once they organize into their chapters, they follow a structure referred to as the Codes Astartes. If a chapter reaches a number over 1,000 is then subdivided to prevent a force large enough to lead a rebellion. Only three chapters have ever exceeded 1,000 and they are the Grey Knights, the Space Wolves and the Black Templars. The chapter masters are independent and represent the highest level of authority (except for the Emperor).

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